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Eastwood Sub-Aqua club is a branch of the Scottish Sub-Aqua Club located on the South Side of Glasgow in Scotland. The Club has been running since the late 1970's and at present have around 45 members. Eastwood is a very active club with diving nearly every weekend and very often on nights through the week as well.

Eastwood is a non-profit making club, run by the members for the members. Learning to dive in the club system has many advantages over the commercial sector, the main two of which are free training and a personalised training program to suit your own pace. We have a team of fully qualified instructors delivering first class training, whether you've never dived before or are looking to build on experience you already have.

New members are always welcome at Eastwood Divers - please have a look at our membership page for more information.

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The Committee

Eastwood Divers is run by a committee made up of club members elected annually at the AGM. The current committee is made up of:

Alex Hewitt
Claire MacPherson
Branch Diving Officer (BDO)
Craig Thomson
Marion McNeill
Alastair Carmichael
Equipment Officer
Boat Officer
Pat Gallacher
Expedition Organiser
Louise Nixon
Child Protection Officer
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The Scottish Sub-Aqua Club

The Scottish Sub Aqua Club (Scotsac) is the National Governing Body for the sport of diving in Scotland. It was founded in early 1953, making it one of the oldest amateur diving organisations in Europe. Today, there are now around 70 branches with over 1250 Members in branches around Scotland and the North of England.

Boat Diving

The Club has a 5.8-metre RIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) with a powerful 90 horse power engine, allowing us to dive sites that cannot be easily reached from the shore. We also organise hard boat dives, which sail from various locations around the country, as well as an annual trip abroad to the likes of the Red Sea. For an idea of the kind diving we do, have a look at our dive trips.

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